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Lara-Scarlett Gervais

June 19, 2021 —
July 18, 2021

Through her photographic work, Lara-Scarlett Gervais provides a way to go beyond images and allows to revive the Palmyrenian Empire. WARKA is an exhibition that questions destruction and reconstruction. It is also the awareness of the Judeo-Christian heritage and the richness of the ancient archaeological heritage. The journey to which the photographer invites us goes beyond material borders, touching the sensitivity and awakening the child who sleeps in everyone.

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Frédéric Ansermet

June 19, 2021 —
July 18, 2021

As an artistic director, Frédéric Ansermet has manipulated a large number of concepts related to art in its representation, but also how it has been put at the service of the “consumer society”. It is by breaking away from this environment that the artist has been able to develop an approach of his own and unique to him. He devotes himself to the work of artistic pieces questioning raw nature, which he recycles and transforms.
The artist’s work aims to reveal raw plant matter as it is, as part of a movement inspired by nature. It is also questioning the impact that we inflict on our environment, how do we modify it? What is the true nature of this supposedly dead, inert matter, synonymous with waste and perdition?

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